‘Una Familia Espacial’ release today in Mexico

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Our production ‘Una Familia Espacial'(‘Capture the Flag’) release today in Mexico

LAS_Capture_The_Flag_In-Theatre_Payoff_1_SheetThe Goldwing family is ready to land today March 24th in Mexico with ‘Una Familia Espacial’, the film promises quality animation and fun for children and grown-ups, a perfect way to go to the movies.

‘Una Familia Espacial’, known in Spain as ‘Atrapa la Bandera’ and in english as ‘Capture the Flag’ counts with our production stamp and has travel around UK, Israel and Argentina thanks to Paramount Pictures international bet, which includes a 24 countries tour in its distribution plan.


Mike Goldwing stows away on a rocket bound for the moon to fulfill his grandfather’s lost dream of being an astronaut; meanwhile, a Texas billionaire is also racing to the moon to destroy the Apollo XI flag and rewrite history in his favor.


Release date: 2015 (Spain)
Genre: Animation
Time: 96 m.
Country: Spain
Director: Enrique Gato
Screenwriters: Jordi Gasull, Javier Barreira, Neil Landau
Music: Diego Navarro
Production Company: Telecinco Cinema, S.A , Ikiru Fims, S.L., Telefónica Studios, S.L.U., 4 Cats Pictures,, S.A., Los Rockets la Película, A.I.E., Lightbox Academy, S.L..

The actors Dani Rovira, Michelle Jenner, Carme Calvell, and Javier Balas are the voices of the main characters.  Auryn plays the song, ‘Te voy a esperar’ (‘I’ll Reach You’).


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