Las leyes de la frontera

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Summer 1978. Ignacio Cañas (Marcos Ruiz) is a 17-year-old introverted and somewhat misfit student who lives in Girona. When he meets Zarco (Chechu Salgado) and Tere (Begoña Vargas), two young criminals from the city’s Chinatown, he finds himself immersed in an unstoppable career of thefts, robberies and robberies. It is the story in which Nacho grows older, crossing the line between good and evil, between justice and injustice … Adaptation of the homonymous novel by Javier Cercas.

Director Daniel Monzón
Music Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba
Carles Gusi
Producer Atresmedia Cine / Ikiru Films / La Terraza Films  / AIE
Distributor Warner Bros. España
Actors Marcos Ruiz, Begoña Vargas, Chechu Salgado, Pep Tosar, Daniel Ibañez, Guillermo Lasheras, Jorge Aparicio, Carlos Oviedo, Cintia García, Xavier Martín, Víctor Manuel Pajares
Production data:
Original Title Las leyes de la frontera
Year 2021
Country spain
Genre of the movie Action