Tadeo Jones 3: La Tabla Esmeralda

About This Project


Tadeo would love for his fellow archaeologists to accept him as one of the others, but he always ends up making a mess: he destroys a sarcophagus and unleashes a spell that endangers the lives of his friends, Mummy, Jeff and Belzoni. With everyone against him and only helped by Sara, Tadeo will embark on a flight full of adventures, which will take him from Mexico to Chicago and from Paris to Egypt, to find a way to end the mummy’s curse.

Director Enrique Gato
Screenplay Manuel Burque y Josep Gatell
Composer Zacarías M. de la Riva
Main Topic
Omar Montes / Belinda
Producer Ikiru Films / Lightbox Animation Studio / Telecinco Cinema / Anagu Group
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Voice Actors Óscar Barberán / Michelle Jenner
Production data:
Original Title Tadeo Jones 3: La Tabla Esmeralda
Year 2022
Country España
Gender Animation / Adventures