Black Butterflies

About This Project


Based on Baute’s live-action inquiry, “Climate Exodus,” the film merges highly intimate and personal narratives from women across the globe forced to leave their homelands when natural forces render them uninhabitable. Baute and scriptwriter Yaiza Berrocal teamed with art director María Pulido (“Ámome”) and production designer and animation director José Sanchez Alonso (“Run Ozzy Run”) to dutifully curate the narrative and images.

Tanit, Valeria and Shaila are three women from very different parts of the world who face the same problem: climate change. They will lose everything because of global warming effects and they will be forced to emigrate to survive.

Director David Baute
Screenwriter Yaiza Berrocal
Animation Direction
José Sánchez
Soundtrack Composer Diego Navarro
Producer  Ikiru Films
Production Data:
Original Title Black Butterflies
Year 2024
Country Spain
Gender Documentary