La casa entre los cactus

About This Project


Emilio and Rosa have created a perfect family. In the seventies, in some deserted place in the Canary Islands, they have built a home full of love for their five daughters, all with flower names: Lis, Iris, Melisa, Lila and Dalia. Here, away from civilization and a life they left behind in their country, they enjoy a particular paradise, oblivious to the rest of the world. A world that poses a threat and that, if it interferes with the family, could end it forever. Emilio and Rosa know this, they are the only ones aware of the danger they are in, and for this reason they have spent a lifetime hiding a terrible secret from their daughters.

Director Carlota González -Adrio
Screenplay Paul Pen
 Zeltia Montes
Photography Kiko de la Rica
Producer Ikiru Films, Cine 365 Films, La Terraza Films, Virtual Contenidos
Actors Ariadna Gil / Daniel Grao / Ricardo Gómez / Zoe Arnao / Aina Picarolo / Anna Ruiz Solera / Carla Ruiz Solera / Judith Fernández / Marga Arnau
Production data:
Original Title La casa entre los cactus
Year 2022
Country España
Gender Thriller / Intriga