La niña de la comunión

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May, 1987. The bells of a small inland town are ringing for a feast day. The church is ready to celebrate a first communion mass; among the children is Judith, Sara’s little sister.

After Judith’s communion, Sara and her friend Rebe go out for a night of partying and, being late, have to return by hitchhiking. During the trip, the driver of the car intimidates them with bad jokes until someone (or “something”) crosses the road.

They get out of the car to investigate and only find… an old communion doll in the middle of the dark forest.

This is how the story of Sara, the doll and the disappearance of a little girl on the day of her communion begins.

Director Víctor García
Screenplay Guillem Clua. Historia: Víctor García, Alberto Marini
José Luis Bernal Ibañez
Producer Ikiru Films, Atresmedia Cine, Rebelión Terrestre, La Terraza Films
Actors Carla Campra, Aina Quiñones, Marc Soler, Carlos Oviedo, Olimpia Roch, Maria Molins, Xavi Lite, Anna Alarcón, Victor Solé, Sara Roch, Daniel Rived, Jacob Torres, Manel Barceló, Mercè Llorens, Mariona Lucas, Andrea Carrión Samaniego, María Fontcuberta, Blanca Rosa Rovira, Paula Vélez, Jordi Sans, Armand Villén, Claudia Riera
Production data:
Original Title La niña de la comunión
Year 2022
Country España
Gender Terror