Segundo Premio

About This Project


Granada, late 90s. In the midst of artistic and cultural effervescence, an indie music group is experiencing its most delicate moment: the bassist breaks up with the band looking for her place outside of music and the guitarist is immersed in a dangerous spiral of self-destruction. Meanwhile, the singer faces a complicated process of writing and recording his third album. Nobody knows that this album will forever change the music scene of the entire country. This is (not) a movie about the Planets.

Director Isaki Lacuesta y Pol Rodríguez
Screenplay Isaki Lacuesta y Fernando Navarro
Takuro Takeuch
Producer Ikiru Films,  La Terraza Films, Áralan Films, BTeam Pictures, Sideral Cinema, Los Ilusos Films, y Toxicosmos. 
Actors Daniel Ibáñez, Cristalino, Stéphanie Magnin, Mafo, Chesco Ruiz, Edu Rejón.
Production Cristóbal García, Edmon Roch, Alex Lafuente, Roberto Butragueño.
Production data:
Original Title Segundo Premio
Year 2024
Country Spain – France
Gender Drama