‘Capture the Flag’ candidate for Feroz category Comedy Awards

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Enrique Gato’s film produced by this house and joins the list of 30 films  preselected for Feroz Awards this year
The next Feroz Awards 2016 already have the list of films nominated for best comedy; ‘Capture the Flag’, produced by this house, he has managed to run among other titles in this genre such as:

Now or never, Maria Ripoll
Anacleto, secret agent, Javier Ruiz Caldera
Barcelona, ​​nit d’hivern, Dani Order
Blessed calamity, Gaizka Urresti
How to survive a goodbye, Manuela Moreno
From girl to girl, Sonia Sebastian
The apostate, Federico Veiroj
Mr. Manolo, Fernando Osuna
Talking, Joaquim Oristrell
Incidents, José Corbacho
Police investigation, Daniel Aguirre
Beautiful island of Fernando Colomo
L’Assaig, Lluís Baulida
The Heimlich maneuver, Manolo Vazquez
The Adventures of Moriana, David Perea
Romantic exile, Jonas Trueba
Wednesday not exist, Peris Romano
My big night, Alex de la Iglesia
Many pieces of something, David Yañez
They died above their means, Isaki Lacuesta
Negotiator, Borja Cobeaga
Eight Catalan surnames of Emilio Martinez Lazaro
Losing the North, Nacho Garcia Velilla
After that, Samuel Orti Marti, Samuel Erik Ortiz
Requirements to be a normal person, Leticia Dolera
Gypsy King, Juanma Bajo Ulloa
Easy sex, sad movies, Alejo Flah
Only chemistry, Alfonso Albacete
A perfect day, Fernando Leon de Aranoa
Yoko and her friends Juanjo Elordi

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