The house of the cactus: «do not make spoilers of the movie, please»

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The house among the cactus premieres, the first feature film by the young director Carlota González-Adrio. We talked to her and her stars about the film and her experience during the shoot.
The house among the cacti is a film full of secrets. It is a dramatic thriller, although its own director prefers not to put a label on it since “categorizing the film within a genre would limit it”.

And it is that, if there is something that perfectly defines the atmosphere in which the film is transmitted, it is the great effort that both the actors and the director make in order not to reveal a single detail of the film. The phrase that has been repeated the most in the presentations has been, without a doubt, “but without spoilers, right?


The film, in whose production Orange participates, has protagonists with a long and prolific career: Ariadna Gil, Daniel Grao and Ricardo Gómez are part of a cast that is a privilege for a new director.

In the film, based on the homonymous novel by Paul Pen, the life of an apparently perfect family is portrayed who live in some desert of the Canary Islands, in the 60s. There, separated from civilization and from a life they left behind , enjoy a particular paradise, oblivious to the rest of the world. A world that poses a threat and that, if it interferes with the family, could end it forever. Emilio and Rosa, played by Ariadna Gil and Daniel Grao, are the only ones aware of the danger they are in, and for this reason they have spent a lifetime hiding a terrible secret from their daughters. The plot explodes with the arrival of a stranger who comes to break the tranquility of this family.


In the words of Carlota Gonzalez-Adrio, the film is “a story that hides truth and lies, secrets, the occult, violence, affection, protection… always starting from the portrait of this family. The story is built through the idea of ​​the appearance and the hidden, which cohabits the same space, the same person. This house, which is built as a refuge from wild nature, gradually transforms into a shelter that is also darkness. In it, the serenity and silence of nature take on another meaning.”

The performers who shape this story have told Nobbot about their experience. Daniel Grao describes his performance as one of the most complicated of his career. «I am a very restless person and I like to intervene, but this role tries to say a lot without doing hardly anything. It was easier for me to act in the scenes where there was action than in the ones where I just had to be present.” Of a similar opinion is Ariadna Gil, who had similar feelings when approaching her role.

It hasn’t been easy for Ricardo Gómez to interpret his role as “intruder“. As he explains, conveying to the viewers that sensation of discomfort and discomfort is not an easy job and it represents a new experience in his career as an actor.