“Tor”, the story of Carles Porta, arrives on the 3Cat and TV3 platforms on April 29

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The documentary series will have eight episodes and recovers the tragic events that happened in this town of Pallars Sobirà during the summer of 1995.


On April 29, the 3Cat platform and TV3 will premiere “Tor”, the new series directed by Carles Porta and produced by Ikiru Films. Over the course of eight chapters, we will learn about the dramatic events that took place in this town of thirteen houses in Pallars Sobirà, where three people died.

“There is a town in the Pyrenees that has a true black legend: Tor. In the region of Pallars Sobirà, a town where no one lives for six months of the year, it has been the scene of all kinds of fights, brawls, lawsuits and even murders. This is how “Tor, the cursed mountain” began, one of the most watched “30 minutes” in the history of TV3, which was broadcast in 1997.

That case has marked the life, not only journalistic, of Carles Porta, who was the producer of the “30 minutes” team that made known the truculent story. Following the success, the journalist continued the investigation and published the book “Tor: tretze cases i tres morts“, which years later would become a podcast on Catalunya Ràdio.