Taxi a Gibraltar

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Two desperate men go on a crazy trip to Gibraltar. León (Dani Rovira) is a taxi driver harassed by debts and angry with the system and the world in general and Diego (Joaquín Furriel) is an Argentinian as charming as a trickster who has just come out of prison. On the way, they will meet Sandra (Ingrid García Jonsson), a crazy young woman who is shocked by the horror of life she leads. Three people without direction who will embark on the greatest adventure of their lives: find the shipment of gold lost in the tunnels of the Rock of Gibraltar. An adventure in which the three protagonists will discover the true values ​​of life.

This buddy movie is directed by the Argentine Alejo Plah (Easy sex, sad movies). The cast is starring Dani Rovira (lost Miamor), Joaquín Furriel (The blood tree) and Ingrid García Jonsson (Ana de día).

Director Alejo Flah
Screenplay Alejo Flah / Fernando Navarro
Music Andrés Calamaro
Photography Gris Jordana
Productor Ikiru Films / Atresmedia Cinema / La Terraza Films / Sacromonte Films / AZ Films
Actors Dani Rovira, Joaquín Furriel, Ingrid García Jonsson, Mona Martínez,José Manuel Poga, José Troncoso
Production data:
Original Title Taxi a Gibraltar
Year: 2019
Country: España
Genre of the movie: Comedy

“The starting point of Taxi to Gibraltar is brilliant and its approach, on paper, worthy of an all’italiana or English commedia. The Argentine Joaquin Furriel shines and sustains the film with his masterful caricature of the porteño fullero. This source of comedy, together with the Spanglish messes of the Gibraltarians remember the line inaugurated by Ocho Vascos surnames. It uses a less crazy humor than it is usually tonic in the current Spanish comedy, although, as in the latest trend of this, naturally incorporates current issues, such as taxi and VTC conflict or mortgages in yen.”

Rubén Romero, CINEMANÍA
“The film has an interesting beginning: the comedian returns to interpret a common man, although he swerves to his romantic aura and bobbly to be more burned than an exhaust pipe: a taxi driver by profession, he is drowned by the “cockroaches” of the VTC and its water bottles, and strangles the mortgage, with the addition of a future paternity. A beautiful portrait of that Spain that said that it had emerged from the crisis, and that – we see it every day in the streets -, every time it is more sunk in it. That is the great success of the film: the denunciation of some losers who do not see where that “recovery” is on the map. In doing so, the film dialogs very accurately. The problem is that in the trunk of this taxi to Gibraltar also try to put a romantic comedy, an episodic story and even one of adventure and mystery. And of course, the vehicle moves with difficulty and at times skids in the curves due to excess weight.”

Beatriz Martínez, EL PERIODICO
“The director composes a fun tour of the Spanish roads until arriving at the Gibraltarian territory where the political reality of the ‘brixit’ is mixed, the linguistic jokes and a plot of adventures through the tunnels of the rock in search of a supposed treasure. An agile and trotona picaresque movie that uses the caricature to extract from it local customs and rogue humor.”

“’Taxi a Gibraltar’ is a romantic comedy – more or less – with a final line of action, chases and shots. But this time Dani Rovira changes to Clara Lago for Joaquín Furriel from Buenos Aires as an antagonistic couple in this ‘buddy movie’ about a Spanish taxi driver, irate and sparing in words (Rovira) and a half-haired Argentine con man. Rovira represents the Iberian male, the rough and plain man, in front of Furriel’s prototypical Latin heartthrob: another of the recurring gags is the deep irritation felt by the taxi driver every time a woman succumbs to the swinger’s sweet accent.”