“Second Prize”, a co-production by Ikiru Films, will participate in the Official Selection of the Malaga Film Festival.

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“Second Prize”, the new film directed by Isaki Lacuesta and co-directed by Pol Rodríguez, will compete in the Official Selection of the upcoming Malaga Festival. The film is produced by Ikiru Films, La Terraza Films, Áralan Films, Bteam Prods, Sideral Cinema, Los Ilusos Films and Toxicosmos AIE, and will be distributed by Bteam Pictures.

Granada, late 90s. In full artistic and cultural effervescence, an indie music band is going through its most delicate moment: the bassist breaks up with the band looking for her place outside music and the guitarist is immersed in a dangerous spiral of self-destruction. Meanwhile, the singer is facing a complicated process of writing and recording his third album. Little does anyone know that this album will forever change the music scene across the country.
This is (not) a film about Los Planetas.

The script is signed by Isaki Lacuesta and Fernando Navarro, and the cast is headed by Daniel Ibáñez, Cristalino, Stéphanie Magnin, Mafo, Chesco Ruiz and Edu Rejón.

Isaki Lacuesta is an acclaimed director who has already won two Golden Shells at San Sebastian. Pol Rodríguez is a young talent who debuted in feature films with Quatretondeta, winner of the award in Malaga. Together they face this ambitious project that will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the Malaga festival.

Pol Rodriguez with his first fiction feature film, “Quatretondeta” won 2 Biznagas at the Malaga Festival. He has also directed chapters of the series “Deudas”, and second units of films such as “Carta a Eva”, “Descalzo sobre la tierra roja” and “Don’t grow up”. He has made documentary series such as the acclaimed “Match Day”, or the documentary series “Year Zero” selected in the official section of Tribeca and produced by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow.
“Second Prize” has the participation of RTVE, Canal Sur, 3CAT, Movistar Plus+, Mogambo, Vodafone and Crea SGR; in association with Latido; with the financing of the Government of Spain Ministry of Culture and Sport; with the support of the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region in collaboration with the CNC; with the collaboration of the City Council of Madrid, the Community of Madrid, the Diputación de Granada, Film In Granada and the City Council of Granada.