Ikiru Films’ co-production ‘Saturn Return’, by Isaki Lacuesta and Pol Rodríguez, best Spanish film in Malaga

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Awarded the Golden Biznaga, best direction and best editing.

Saturn return, the film by Isaki Lacuesta and Pol Rodríguez inspired by the Granada indie-rock band Los Planetas, has won the Golden Biznaga for best Spanish feature film at the 27th Malaga Festival, which saw its list of winners interrupted for several minutes by a fire alarm. The duo of Catalan filmmakers also won the Silver Biznaga for best direction. The award for best editing also went to Javier Frutos.

The film, which invites the viewer to travel back to the late nineties, recreates some decisive months for the band, as the bassist leaves the group and the guitarist enters a dangerous spiral of self-destruction. Beyond recounting what happened, the film organizes the memories of each of the members, who have their own version of past events.