Sanmao: the desert bride

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In the 70s, the Chinese writer and traveler Sanmao lived an exciting love story with the Spanish submariner José María Quero. They traveled to the Spanish Sahara where Sanmao embodied his daily experiences in the book Tales of the Sahara, a bestselling phenomenon in Taiwan and China. Sanmao became an icon of an independent woman and protagonist of a life with legend dyes where love, adventure, literature and tragedy are mixed.

Director Marta Arribas y Ana Pérez de la Fuente
Music Marc Timón
Clara Martínez Malagelada
Producers Ikiru Films / Radio Televisión Española
Movie distributor A Contracorriente Films
Actors Lucía Jiménez: voz Sanmao
Dades de Producció:
Original Title Sanmao: the desert bride
Year 2020
País Spain
Genre of the movie Documentary film
Festival de Cine de Málaga
Festival de Cine de Hotdocs